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The advancements in streaming media, and also the sudden prevalence of it, is acting as the greatest catalyst in raising awareness about what can be accomplished in the home when it comes to integrating technology.

While streaming media has been going on for years now, there is suddenly a huge upsurge in popularity with the general public.  It’s not just the “geeks” who are into streaming media; everyone seems to be catching the buzz. 

Spotify, Pandora, iheart radio, iTunes, Skygo, TVNZ on Demand, 3Now, Lightbox, Netflix and Hulu are all great examples of this.

You can now have the freedom to watch or listen to what you want, when you want, and literally WHERE you want.  Find your favourite songs and discover new artists to love. Showcase beautiful cover art, along with artist and track information on your smartphone, touch screen or TV.

Enjoy music throughout your home including your outdoor entertaining areas. Music can be stored centrally on an iTunes library, CD collection or hard drive or it can be streamed in real time from any wireless device such as an iPhone or from the radio, Spotify, Pandora or any other streaming services.

If movies are your thing? We can provide a dedicated home theatre or media room where you can enjoy sound and picture quality in your own home that is guaranteed to be better than the cinema.


Home Automation and Energy Management

By using an Automation system for your new home you can control everything from; heating, security, blinds, windows, lights, irigation, music and access. Control is fully customizable and available remotely from any 3G or Wifi device. We can programme high energy devices such as heated towel rails to only come on 30 minutes before you are set to rise, or maybe for your windows to open and close based on preset temperature settings. Home Automation also integrates seamlessly with photovoltaic systems and allows you to monitor your real time energy consumption and works with you to reduce energy consumption.

A key part of the Control4 solution is its ability to provide a single interface between PV, under floor heating, automation, lighting control and water heating systems, with the added ability to easily expand to audio/visual, access control and alarm integration – using the same interface and control box for all systems.  Giving one easy to use operating system for the home.

The Control4 Automation system is a fully capable BMS, with the advantage of having easy programming software, should the client wish to edit their schedules or programming events.


Access Control

Gates, garage doors, front doors, or even pool covers are no issue with a good access control system. Keep your privacy and deter intruders while still remaining inviting to guests. We can install audio or video intercoms that can ring all your phones in the house negating the need for a centralised intercom handset. We can also ring TV’s or wireless devices such as iPad’s so you can see who’s at the gate wherever you are or whatever you are doing.

Security & Surveillance

It is now so easy to protect your home and family with pet immune intruder and smoke detection systems. Remotely arm or disarm your alarm to allow maintenance or repair people access to specific areas while leaving other areas armed then check in on your home from any location using surveillance cameras. Ever had that annoying smoke alarm that seems to beep as soon as you hop into bed because it has a flat battery? We always incorporate your smoke and heat detectors into your security system so that when they are triggered they will automatically call monitoring to ensure the fire service is on the way.

Would you like to know who is entering and leaving, and who just pressed the bell? Would you like to be able to pay a visit to your home to see if everything is OK, regardless of where you are in the world? Would you like to deter vandals, thieves and burglars and, if worse comes to worst, record conclusive images? Video surveillance will help you not only if an actual incident occurs, but also as a preventative measure and to solve crimes. Potential intruders are scared off by video surveillance, which will help thwart any crimes in the first place. During critical situations, the surveillance video from your camera will allow you to maintain an overview at all times, to take action or coordinate the intervention by security staff. After an incident has occurred, the video recordings allow you to reconstruct the events quickly and clarify the circumstances.



We also have a team of certified electricians in-house allowing us to service all of your 230v electrical work eliminating the need for multiple sub trades on site avoiding all of those he said, she said problems. 

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